Infrastructure in High Growth Environments

If successful companies can be thought of as thriving organisms, then infrastructure—which determines corporate frame and form—can be thought of as a sort of business skeleton. However, just as with real living creatures, each metaphorical bone within the skeleton plays a crucial role in supporting limbs, protecting vital systems, and enabling proper movement. All the pieces must grow …

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Network Agility with IT Infrastructure

Network agility is a multidisciplinary approach where businesses or IT management consulting organizations automate and self-regulate a corporate network. In other words, an agile network can configure itself as needed when needs change or when a potential disaster strikes. This is where IT infrastructure consultants come in. Indeed, network agility is a cornerstone of any …

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The Future: Digital Infrastructure

Digitalizing IT infrastructure is all about working with infrastructure management companies and IT infrastructure management services to create a digitally enabled business that is more efficient, engaging, collaborative, and ultimately profitable. Traditional operations and manual tasks can all be offloaded as automated or digitally managed systems, while decisions elsewhere are fully informed with concise, factual …

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Why Managed Services?

Today’s businesses run on data—and lots of it. However, managing all that information can be tricky, especially with security threats, downtime, and system glitches in the mix. On-premises solutions are prone to such pitfalls, costing companies an untold fortune in revenue and lost productivity. That’s where cloud managed service providers come in. In a nutshell, cloud …

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Hybrid Cloud

When it comes to cloud computing, companies typically have three options: a private cloud, a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud which combines elements of both. While private and public clouds are more common, hybrid cloud technology is on the rise. In fact, analysts believe the global hybrid cloud market will grow from $44.6 billion …

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Business Continuity – The disaster factors

A business continuity plan enables an organization to respond to threats and disasters without crippling its core business operations. The goal is to assemble a set of policies, processes, and procedures that help you survive an emergency while incurring as little downtime as possible. As the numbers indicate, failure to prepare can be a costly …

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