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Multi-cloud management is an open cloud platform delivered “as-a-service” to provide flexibility to the enterprises and enable the management of multiple cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. In the multi-cloud environment, enterprises can transfer their workload on multiple clouds, depending on the criticality of data and applications. Nevertheless, multi-cloud management is different from the hybrid cloud deployment model. Hybrid cloud is an integrated service, provided both in-house and externally. It is an amalgamation of private and public cloud,thereby offering the benefits of both the deployment models simultaneously.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.
Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

The fear of vendor lock-in is often cited as a major impediment to cloud service adoption. Multi-cloud management has enabled end users to switch between different vendors and reduce dependency on a single vendor. This relative independency allows end users to negotiate with vendors for improved pricing, Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), or both. Additionally, multi-cloud management also offers flexibility in data deployment and allows end users to move their workloads to multiple clouds as per the requirement. For maximum independence, end users can adopt a multi-cloud management platform to manage complex applications over multiple heterogeneous cloud platforms. Hence, a multi-cloud management platform eliminates vendor lock-in and enables seamless migration from one vendor to another.

Increase Agility and Automation

In this era of complex and diverse computing environments, end users are searching for smarter ways to ensure optimum utilization of resources. This search brings with it additional management complexities, thereby increasing the need for agility and automation. The implementation of a multi-cloud management platform allows organizations to achieve appropriate levels of automation with agility. In addition, the platform enables end users to gain operational and economic benefits of cloud computing through multiple automation tools, including automated backup & recovery, cross-cloud bursting, auto-scaling, auto-provisioning, and others. The automation tools provide numerous benefits such as managing multiple cloud deployment, allowing automatic recovery in case of crisis and improved disaster recovery/business continuity. Multi-cloud management enhances agility across multiple clouds, thereby improving service levels in the enterprises.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.
Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

Achieve the Right Level of Governance

Policy-driven governance and regulations are critical for all organizations and must be in place to ensure efficient resource utilization as they effectively manage and protect the delivery of any IT service. The governance policies and regulations allow role-based allocation of IT resources governed by cost, capacity, and business rules. Moreover, compliance monitoring allows end users to protect the virtualized workload with the required compliance policies. There is an increasing need to define an effective governance process around the management of data while considering regulations related to the usage and storage of data. To achieve the right level of governance, end users can use the multi-cloud management platform as it enables direct access controls and resolves governance issues such as encryption, financial controls, logging & auditing, and Application Programming Interface (API) integration. Furthermore, the multi-cloud management platform also offers a seamless flow of information between cloud environments and a business-friendly IT landscape.

Solutions we Offer

Our products and solutions portfolio gives you the flexibility of choosing what serves your business needs the best. Take advantage of innovative technology and engineered process with Cloudstrats and enable your app to be more responsive and safer.

Reliable, flexible, and safe, at Cloudstrats, you can deploy what you want in the way you want it.

Managed Private Cloud

Our private clouds are fully managed; powered by VMware and OpenStack; and connected to other clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or clients’ clouds.

Infrastructure as a Service

Knowledge and expertise to help your organization maximize the benefits of a multi-cloud environment, without compromising on availability, performance & security.

Azure Cloud Management

Cloudstrats extends Multi-cloud management Full-stack services to Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our experts along with technology and automation assist you to handle the complexities of Microsoft Azure Cloud management.

Enterprise Managed Colocation

Secure your hardware in a professional, tier-3 data center to benefit from superior outage protection and save up on bandwidth costs. By utilizing our facilities, your hardware will be managed and maintained under our scrutiny.

Database Management Service

Be it reliable connectivity management or foundational system architecture, Cloudstrats advices, helps, and takes actions to reduce the workload and maintains your database to perform optimally.

AppOps as a Service

Application Operations or AppOps by Cloudstrats provides answers for all your application performance management issues driven due to cloud or virtualization.

DevOps as a Service

Cloudstrats blends best practices and tools to help our clients deliver their products rapidly but reliably. With a faster time to market and a continuous quality improvement, Cloudstrats offers you full control of how you want to serve your customers, develop and deploy apps, and compete in the market.

Security As A Service

The rising threats in the security landscape require a proactive approach to identify, respond, and mitigate the risks immediately. This requires an intelligence-driven, evolving solution that maximizes resource effective to minimize data loss and service disruption.

Compliance as a Services

Cloud Compliance enables customers to understand the robust controls in place at Cloudstrats to maintain security and data protection in the cloud. Compliance Cloud Service is a software-as-a service solution that enables the IT and Business Compliance function to assess and score industry standard benchmarks, REST-based cloud resources and your own custom rules.

Business Operations Management

Cloudstrats provides a catalog of policies and procedures for security and privacy controls for customers information systems and organizations and a process for selecting controls to protect organizational operations. The controls are customizable and implemented as part of an organization-wide process that manages internal risk assessment and proactive advisory services.

Cloud Consulting Service

Success in the cloud begins with a sound strategy. With more than 5 years of expertise helped over 200 customers, you have a capable partner to help you plan the best path forward. Cloudstrats services seamlessly migrate organization’s applications, data, platforms, and infrastructure from on-premises to cloud.

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