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Protect your ecosystem from threats by gaining visibility and data security whilst being safety compliant


Multi-layered security framework based on intelligent threat modelling and real-time understanding of risks to help protect your Cloud Infrastructure.

The rapid adoption of SaaS has changed the security paradigm for enterprise applications. Business managers are circumventing IT for cloud app provisioning, increasing risks and leaving enterprise data exposed, forcing IT/ security teams into reactive mode as they try to manage risks with ineffective “whack-a-mole” approaches using their existing security tools.

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Lessen the risks & improvise the visibility

Our team of experts help you use cloud services in a secure and compliant manner by leveraging cloud provider and our security technologies to improve overall security posture at reduced cost including

Cloud Security Advisory Services

Our security advisory experts provide the assessments, strategy, roadmaps and architecture blueprints to optimize your cloud security investments.

Cloud Identity Management Services

Take advantage of a variety of identity solutions to extend enterprise governance of identities and access authorization for cloud services.

Cloud Security Monitoring and Forensic Readiness

Automate monitoring, manage risk more effectively, and get the most out of existing security tools to ensure greater visibility and faster incident response.

Cloud Data Protection Design

Protect critical data and understand the use of critical content stored and processed in cloud environments.

Managed Cloud Access Security Broker

Gain visibility and control of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications to ensure secure and compliant use.

Multi-tenant Infrastructure Security Solutions

Apply consistent security controls for dynamic virtualized infrastructure.

Our focus remains in securing our customer’s enterprise’s use of cloud-based services and providing  independent, vendor-neutral guidance and solutions with a comprehensive approach covering









Owned SOC & NOC


Our Expertise

Our moto is to protect organisations from application layer and network attacks by building a multi-layered security framework based on intelligent threat modelling and real-time understanding of risks including user authentication. Our services offer expertise in


Identify existing threats to your cloud footprint by leveraging real-time threat intelligence feeds and machine learning techniques to establish security baselines and to learn behaviour patterns.


Stay a step ahead of threats with patent-pending modelling techniques that evaluate risks across hundreds of threat vectors to provide you with a concise summary of potential threats.

Security Configuration

Eliminate labour intensive, error prone manual processes and manages security configurations within cloud applications by asserting configurations as well as continuously enforcing them.

What makes our Services Better?

Get complete transparency into what’s going on in your Cloud applications and infrastructure, including your users, your devices and more using shadow IT cloud services

Identify risks in your Cloud applications, Comply with regulations and provide consistent compliance reporting.

Continuously monitor your clouds across activity, configurations and transactions. Identify anomalies and patterns of fraud or breach across your Cloud applications.

Start using your Cloud applications securely from Day 0. Proactively set up your clouds with the right security configurations, and baselines that lowers the risk for your organization, and sets you up for success immediately.

Set up policies to discover and prevent unwarranted actions on your sensitive content and data in the Cloud. These policies could allow you to audit, alert, encrypt and quarantine content that you care about.

Detect, Predict and Visualize whether your Clouds are under attack. With integrated threat intelligence, super-charge your threat detection with machine learning and advanced behavioural analytics.

Application risk scoring based on static characteristics of a particular cloud service offers very little value to the enterprise. A true risk analytics capability based on real-time interaction between the application in question and other cloud services and resources is a must.

The ability to control access to shadow applications by means of native enforcement through next-generation firewalls, or endpoint agents, is a key requirement of modern Shadow IT discovery solutions.

Shadow applications could be accessed from anywhere on the network, or from any managed or unmanaged endpoint. The ability to provide a complete audit trail across all of these various enterprise network or endpoint assets is critical to holistic Shadow IT discovery.

Take action and conduct forensics when incidents are discovered in your Cloud applications. Actions are best when orchestrated with your consent or approval, and can eliminate manual errors in the process.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

Optimize Your Security Budget and Accelerate Your SaaS Security Strategy

Maximize your budget with turnkey security that deploys quickly with little effort and includes an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Our CAS services rapidly scales SaaS environments while effectively managing cloud access security risks. Our CAS solution integrates with our Managed Detection and Response platform which together provides comprehensive coverage of your enterprise environment.

Liberate Your Internal IT and Security Teams

As a part of our fully managed CAS service, Our Security Operations Center (SOC) becomes responsible for all alert monitoring and incident response and mitigation. Our tenured and certified security analysts operate as a trusted extension of your security team, liberating in-house teams for strategic activities.

We leverage our analysis, threat intelligence, and centralized 24/7 security monitoring and incident response to operationalize an effective detection and response strategy.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.
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