Inculcate best practices into your Firewall and make the most of your device

Web-based applications, cloud services, social media, dynamic content and advanced communications tools open doors to productivity, business opportunities and growth – and also to security threats.


Our team of experts are responsible for resolving firewall issues and maintaining the system. We monitor your firewall through our PULSE Alarm Security Monitoring solution as well.

  • Minimize risk of business impacting security breaches
  • Increase coverage levels through 24x7x365 management and monitoring by experienced security engineers
  • Take advantage of event correlation capabilities, thereby identifying genuine security threats and reducing false positives
  • Reduce security administration overheads and use expensive internal staff for other core business functions
  • Obtain early warning security intelligence from our team to proactively protect business operations from unnecessary down-time and loss of data
  • Meets all compliance requirements including log storage
Our moto is to deliver around-the-clock security event and device health monitoring, management of upgrades, changes and patching, policy auditing, and intelligence-enhanced threat protection to help keep your environment safe.
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Our services offer expertise in

Firewall Expertise

Apply best practices for firewall management by using our experienced security experts.

Satisfy Compliance

Generate compliance reports on-demand via the Secureworks® Client Portal.

Threat Protection

Boost your firewall security with 24x7 monitoring and the expertise to help protect, detect, and act.

Flexible Approach

Retain aspects of firewall management as you prefer, or let us do everything.

Support for industry platforms

Expert knowledge on multiple platforms such as Check Point, Fortinet, Cisco, Juniper, Sophos and many others

What Makes our Services Better?

Cost savings

Save on the costs of equipment and resources needed for the entire firewall system. With firewalls evolving, your security experts on your team need to evolve with technology.

Internal Threats

It can be helpful to have external eyes on your activity because sometimes internal resources are more lenient on certain web activities than they should be. A Managed Services provider will guide you on what activities are high risk compared to others. There are typically basic rules and requirements for every Managed Firewall service.

IT is not your core business

Stop investing money in parts of your IT department that require a lot of effort and specialized skills. The cost of diverting valuable time and money from your core business can be a distraction from actually running your business. Security jobs are increasing in the market and so is the demand. Let a managed services provider manage the resources and the turnover, not you.

24×7 Monitoring

Ever come into the office with your firewall down? Managed Services providers typically offer a replacement plan in an event there is a failure for hardware, and they also have backup configurations for all of your firewalls. You shouldn’t experience long downtime with a provider.

A team of security experts

Security jobs are increasing in the market and so is the demand. The average security expert stays with a company for less than 2 years. A managed services provider manages the resources and the turnover, not you. They provide an entire team of security resources, not just a few (which is an average for most businesses).

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

Neutralizing Security Threats

Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. When an irregularity turns into a genuine threat, our experts can respond to it right away. By countering the threat, we ensure that whoever attempted to gain the access doesn’t get into the system. They’ll then flag the log file to make sure that the threat is out in the open before altering the security policies to prevent any further problems in the future.

Intelligence & Research

Our security experts continually receive intelligence from a global scale. Research from the Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) gets fed to all of our security services. And, this allows our experts to strengthen policies and perform even more precise analysis of firewall log files.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.
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