Serve to combat against cybersecurity threats

Capable of shielding the organization’s complex infrastructure from the rising cyber threats by building a deeply personalized security environment, centralized visibility of security data and by providing actionable guidance.


Our teams utilize a range of technology and processes that are designed to spot system vulnerabilities and prevent possible occurrences of cybersecurity theft. When new viruses emerge and start to infect company systems throughout the military, business and educational sectors, SOC teams are there on the double to prevent the spread of these viruses and remove such bugs from the systems of companies already hit.
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Our services ensure

Cuts Costs on Expensive Technology

Can cut down on the expenses typically associated with cybersecurity yet enjoy advanced protection from cyber intrusions. Since the SOC teams operate off site, the hardware systems that are required to combat today’s hackers are all set up elsewhere to protect client businesses.

Use Machine and Human Elements to Analyse Millions of Events in Real Time

We utilize engineering expertise and the most advanced computerized machinery to scan millions of events that transpire in real-time across vast computer networks

Rank Assets, Alerts, Threats and Severity

Allows companies to rank the importance of layers of data and determine the severity of threats that surface on the radars of computer networks. With us, our customers can easily distinguish true threats and act upon those problems with focus and urgency.

Manages Response

Our service offers proactive detection & security against targeted attacks and fills in the gaps that are often present within a security infrastructure.


Our focus remains in recognizing & neutralizing threats much more quickly and aggressively with a proactive solution and provides

  • Key focus – Security monitoring
  • Security device/software management and maintenance.
  • Threat intelligence and vulnerability management
  • Cybersecurity incident response management.
  • Security compliance management.
  • Security training.
Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.
Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

Our moto is to improve our customer’s security posture while decreasing their workload and converting mounds of Security Information and Event Management into actionable security information.

  • Removes the need for large CAPEX investment for an in-house SOC.
  • Deploy the skillset of SOC expert resources in security domain without hiring directly.
  • Cost effective and easy to deploy solution for monitoring and alerting.
  • Secure and protect your brand and data by responding quicker to advanced threats.
  • Decrease time to detection and neutralize threats before they become newsworthy
  • Comply with regulations and certified mandates with audit ready reports.

What Makes our Services Better?

Establishing a Security Partnership

Our managed SIEM service is relationship based. Our analysts design unique security rules based on each clients' business needs and technology environment. These unique rule sets enable our analyst to properly identify and respond to security threats. Our partnership helps businesses establish a stronger security posture and meet compliance requirements when necessary.

Identifying and Reviewing Security Incidents

Our SOC identifies and reviews alerts prior to sharing them with clients. This ensures that clients are not burdened with false positives and other distracting alerts. As first responders to security incidents, our analysts have a vested interest in creating efficient security rule sets that provide the best security alerts with minimal false positives. The mitigation of misleading alerts makes it possible for analysts to focus on the incidents that pose a legitimate threat to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client information.

Escalating Security Alerts (24x7 Security Monitoring)

Cloudstrats managed SIEM provides around-the-clock log monitoring and management. When an after-hours incident occurs, analysts review the incident and only notify clients if a response is immediately necessary. This means that you won't have to get out of bed when a non-critical alert is generated.

Portrait of team creative people together looking at camera. Young designers meeting for finalizing a project layout.

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Company operations are complex enough without the additional burden of cybersecurity threats and the advancing tactics of domestic and foreign hackers. Regardless of the size of your IT department, you need the most advanced available security options to ensure the safety of your computer network and company database. At Cloudstrats, we offer services that help companies just like yours achieve the levels of cybersecurity that are necessary for businesses to operate in the modern-day marketplace.

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